Tell No One What You Do!
Sparks Nevada has won our Game of the Month for February and March, "The Wild West."  He has won a free Section One BBS T-shirt.  You can win one to, by playing our new game of the month.  We will see you online.
Want to win a free Section One BBS T-Shirt?  Then Sign up now for free and play this month's Game of the Month.
Our Game of the Month for February 2016 is The Wild West.  Grab your six shooter and get into the fun.  You can't win if you don't play!
Congratulations to Mako Shark, the winner of our Game of the Month for November thru January, "Colonies".  His Free Section One BBS T-Shirt is on it's way.  Don't forget to log in and play today to win yours.
We have now joined two new Networks.  We are now a part of DOREnet and League 10.  League 10 has some great games, but you'll have to login and see what they are.  There is nothing like playing against a bigger crowd on InterBBS gaming.  All message bases and games are connected and running.
Section One BBS' Game of the Month for November is "Colonies."  You can win a Free BBS T-Shirt if you are the winner of the game at the end of the month.  There is a picture of the T-Shirt on the front of this website.

But you can't win if you don't play.  Press the connect button above and join in on the fun.  Take over Mars and win the game.

Good Luck!
Section One is now on it's new PC.  Everything has totally been setup from scratch.  And we have joined Gatornet for message base and X-Net for two new Barren Realms Elite games.
We are in the process, this weekend, of connecting to Fidonet and carrying all of their message bases as well as ILink.
Keep checking in, there is a lot more coming.

Oh and Operation Overkill is up and running.  Join in today!
How would you do in a cafeteria with all kinds of sloppy food flying around?
This is one food fight that can do you good.  Earn money, buy food, steal food from others, and chuck it across the room.  If you hit your target, your standing goes up.  If not, you'll go broke.

Can you be the last one standing and win a Section One BBS TShirt?  Find out now.  Login at and join the fun!
Here we thought that we were already to go.  As you know with most computers, that is never the case.  We had problems with our mail packets being delivered to BattlNet.  Every setup that we could find was used and still no packets going back and forth.  So this week we moved the whole BBS to a newer PC and so far, everything is flowing smoothly.  

We've still got a lot to do to get all the doors back up and running, but the BattlNet Interbbs games are running smoothly.  Check back often.
We have plans to join several other networks.  it should be fun
It's finished!  Or at least ready for the public.  I don't think that it will ever be finished.
The BBS has moved locations to make it much easier to work on and update.  The new Website is live and looking pretty good.  Check back with us often to see what is happening.  Game of the month should be in full operation by this weekend.